Why Ban Oil Drilling in Arctic Waters?

Arctic (14)

How many reasons to ban oil drilling can you come up with? Write your reasons and arguments on the lines below:

  1. __________________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________________________________________
  6. __________________________________________________________________________
  7. __________________________________________________________________________
  8. __________________________________________________________________________
  9. __________________________________________________________________________
  10. __________________________________________________________________________
  11. __________________________________________________________________________
  12. __________________________________________________________________________
  13. __________________________________________________________________________
  14. __________________________________________________________________________
  15. __________________________________________________________________________
  16. __________________________________________________________________________
  17. __________________________________________________________________________
  18. __________________________________________________________________________
  19. __________________________________________________________________________
  20. __________________________________________________________________________

If the space in these lines was not enough, you can send me an article/essay about the topic “Why Oil Drilling Should Be Banned”. Maximum length of article/essay: 800 words.

I will read all of the articles/essays personally and publish (with your permission of course) the best three articles/essays on my website and on Twitter @annemariayritys and @GCCThinkActTank.

Send your article/essay by November 30th through my contact form:

Looking forward to reading your article/essay with arguments for “Why Oil Drilling Should Be Banned”.

You may find some inspiration by watching CAP/seeprogress´s video “Oil and Ice: The Risks of Drilling in Alaska´s Arctic Ocean”:


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Looking forward to reading your comments!

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