Why Does The Arctic Region Influence Climate Change Worldwide?

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Repetition is the mother of learning, so in order to really understand what is happening with our global weather patterns and climate, we have to repeat what is happening in the Arctic region until we internalize what is going on in the North Pole and the whole Arctic region.

The Arctic region, which consists of the Arctic Sea and adjoining seas, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, parts of the U.S.A., Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, is home to millions of people, thousands of animal species and a unique environment. It has been an important source of food for a vast amount of world population through e.g. its fish population, and the region also holds around 25% of the world´s untapped oil reservoirs – oil reservoirs that some countries and companies would like to exploit, without any concern about the region´s sustainability or environmental well-being.

Within a few years only, the Arctic Sea will become completely ice free during summer months for the first time in human history. This, equally, seems to be a welcomed news to some corporations that see the possible economic benefits of shortened trade routes from Asia to Europe, careless about the environment.

The problem of a warming Arctic region is that the dangers and damages upon the Earth´s atmosphere and climate are far more concerning and pose a real threat to all life upon our planet. In my previous posts I have written many arguments to why climate change in the Arctic is detrimental, even dangerous for the whole world. According to already existing research, the warming of the Arctic region accelerates climate change all around the world. It also releases increasingly much carbon dioxide and methane into Earth´s atmosphere, damaging our planet even more with these harmful greenhouse gases.

Expand your knowledge about the Arctic region and its influences on our whole planet by watching Earth Institute´s “Warming Arctic, Changing Planet”:


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