Arctic Ecosystems Are Under Threat

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The Arctic Council with its eight member countries USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, is one of many organizations dedicated to protecting and speaking up for the Arctic region. Other well-known, official organizations protecting and conducting research upon the Arctic region include Greenpeace, WWF, The Arctic Institute, NRDC, Alaska Conservation Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Earthjustice and Polar Bears International, just to name a few.

What these organizations all have in common is their concern for the Arctic region, including conservation, protection and significant research upon the Arctic region. One major publication was published in 2005 with the Arctic Council initiating a research project whereby an international team of more than 300 scientists and experts shared their knowledge and created the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. (ACIA, 2005. Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Cambridge University Press, 1042p.

ACIA is a comprehensive report upon the Arctic region and its climate, including basically everything about the Arctic region´s climate historically and contemporary, analyzing and evaluating the future of the Arctic region through models and scenarios. AMAP (The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme), which is one of the Arctic Council´s working groups, also provides a number of publicly available research reports on their website.

Arctic climate change is real, and it is faster than elsewhere on our planet. Evidence of this speaks for itself, and has been assessed through numerous research projects by the world´s leading organizations dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Arctic region, some of which have been mentioned in this article. With the Arctic region having a unique and fragile ecosystem, its conservation and protection is essential to protect our whole planet from the partly yet unknown consequences of continued warming in global average temperatures, which, as stated and signed in the Paris Agreement, have to be taken seriously, since even slight increases in global average temperatures can have catastrophic impacts upon Earth and all life on this planet.

Learn more about the fragile and vulnerable Arctic region´s ecosystem by watching Polar Bears International´s video “The Arctic Ecosystem: Tundra Connections Webcast with NWF”:


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