Arctic Glaciers & Permafrost Diminishing

Arctic (17).jpg

Climate change in the Arctic region is very real, and extremely rapid. Climate change skeptics, resisters and pseudoscientists want to claim the opposite, and who knows what else than ignorance and lack of awareness is behind the behavior of these people. At least it is a fact that the Arctic region holds most of the world´s remaining oil and gas resources, which certain businesses and countries would like to exploit without any concern about the Arctic region´s well-being, or the possible risks and consequences of oil and gas exploitation in the Arctic region.

On a daily basis, I encounter climate change skeptics, climate change deniers and pseudoscientists online, the majority of whom are active on Twitter. There are people who for example claim the Earth to be flat. I personally receive for example following kinds of Tweets: “Climate change is a hoax, which has only been made up by the EU and the UN elitists who want to make money with climate change”.

We already have more than strong evidence, and facts, about anthropogenic climate change, which is especially rapid in the Arctic region. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, and thawing permafrost is now a reality. Although, according to some research data, the Arctic Sea would be entirely ice free during summer months by 2040, more recent data suggests that the Arctic Sea could actually be completely ice free during summer months within a few years only. What this signifies for the Arctic region, and for our overall climate upon our planet is yet uncertain. What is known already is that with the ice and snow covers melting, increasingly much carbon dioxide and methane will be released into Earth´s atmosphere, causing our planet to warm even more rapidly.

Learn more about the Arctic region and why some businesses and countries do not seem to mind if the Arctic Sea becomes ice free. Free Documentary´s “Ice Race – Into the Unknown – the Story of the Arctic” reveals a lot:


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