Arctic Hunting & Fishing Under Threat

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Why are hunting and fishing in the Arctic region under serious threat, and why does this have to be taken seriously? Do we not have enough marine life and wildlife to keep up with our fishing and hunting methods the way we always have? Even in the fragile and vulnerable Arctic region, which is home to millions of people, many of whom belong to indigenous communities and have always lived according to the laws of nature, depending completely upon the food that the Arctic region has to offer. The unique Arctic region, which is also home to a unique flora and fauna.

It is no longer news that the Arctic region´s climate is warming, and at least twice as fast as elsewhere on our planet. Nevertheless, the importance of bringing awareness about these changes in climate to citizens of this world is more important than ever. With incomplete understanding about what is taking place with the climate in the Arctic, it is challenging for people to take action. Thus, your voice does matter. Your improved actions do matter – despite of the fact that the inefficient burning of black coal is the major single contributor to climate warming in the Arctic region, and thus the industries burning black coal inefficiently. We can all contribute on an individual level, even through small actions and choices that contribute to improvements in how energy is being used worldwide.

According to EU Arctic – Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic, the inefficient burning of black coal is the one single largest contributor of climate warming in the Arctic region. Energy efficiency and the improvement of black coal-burning practices, or its complete abolishing, therefore, are pivotal in order to slow down the (Arctic) climate from warming. Currently, the majority of black coal pollution finds it way to the Arctic from Asian countries, drifting all the way to the Arctic region through air currents. Yet, the (inefficient) burning of black coal is not the only pollutant affecting the Arctic region.

In short, the Arctic region´s climate is warming drastically fast: when glaciers melt, many of the species at home in the Arctic environment are being threatened by complete extinction. Perhaps the best known of these species is the polar bear. If and when species that depend upon the Arctic region´s unique climate lose their living environment, this will lead to catastrophic consequences not only for all of these endangered species, but also to millions of people who depend upon these species in order to thrive and to survive.

Learn more by watching Al Jazeera´s reportage about “Arctic way of living under threat”:


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