What is The Future of the Arctic?

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“The future of the Arctic and its biodiversity requires an active and decisive approach to conservation and sustainability”. -The Arctic Council

When communicating about conservation and sustainability, it is necessary to have a lot of faith in addition to actually taking even radical actions towards creating a sustainable future for our environment and our whole home planet.

With so many disasters worldwide, all the catastrophic news and forecasts about what will soon happen with Earth, its environment and its population, it is easy to choose either to close one´s eyes and other senses, become insensitive, blind and indifferent to reality, or, become cynical, or, become skeptic, even angry and frustrated. However, this is not a time to give up. In times of (environmental) crises we need strong leaders and efficient leadership: people around the world who will step up and take necessary actions to ensure that we will have life upon Earth left by the end of this century, that we can create sustainable economies and save what is possible to save before we actually end up having a climate catastrophe.

It is up to both individual and co-operative practices everywhere upon Earth to prevent further damage through the release of dangerous toxins, including black coal, greenhouse gases and other pollutants that damage our environment as a whole, including everything and everyone that lives on Earth. How this can and will be done is a question about energy efficiency and overall consumption habits of human beings upon Earth. We already have all the necessary knowledge and technology to create sustainable environments. The question is, how well can our planet cope with the rapidly warming climate, the rapidly growing population and all the destruction that us human beings have already caused?

Who knows with certainty what the future of the Arctic looks like? If the current development continues, the Arctic glaciers will continue melting at an unimaginable speed, warming the climate in the Arctic region and elsewhere upon Earth. Who knows if we can afford the continued melting of the Arctic region´s glaciers, ice sheets, and permafrost? How will these changes affect other regions upon Earth? Will this e.g. accelerate the expansion of the Sahara desert into the South? Will the melting Arctic region lead to increasingly much drought and floods around the world? Who has the answers to these questions?

Learn more by watching Understanding Climate Change´s video “The Once and Future Arctic: Prof Stephanie Pfirman (February 2017):


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