How Can You Take Climate Action?


Combating climate change is not a political decision, although we could demand and hope for more concrete actions from politicians in order to prevent human-caused climate change and the increase of dangerous emissions such as CO2 and methane in our Earth’s atmosphere.


Combating anthropogenic climate change is a matter of personal choices in your everyday life.


How can you as an individual contribute to sustainable development and fight human-caused climate change?


Here are some examples:


  1. Learn more about what causes anthropogenic climate change and the destruction of our environment.


  1. Teach and share your expertise with others so that other people can take action in terms of climate change and environmental damage.


  1. Learn more about what various associations and global movements do in order to prevent anthropogenic climate change and environmental damage. These include organizations such as the WWF, Greenpeace, Maan Ystävät ry, Ympäristö ja kehitys ry, Ilmastovanhemmat, Global Climate Change Think & Act Tank etc. There are many organizations and nonprofits that work for good causes in terms of the environment and human-caused climate change.


  1. Get familiar with the climate policies of your own home country, and on a communal level. Learn more about EU climate policies. Learn more about global climate policies. Learn more about intergovernmental organizations such as UNEP and the IPCC.


  1. Learn more about different climate-related and environmental agreements, for example the Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Agreement. Reflect upon the meaning of these agreements in your personal life, in terms of your home town/city, and in your home country.


  1. Do not expect other people or governments to solve environmental or climate change-related problems for you. Take action, at least in your personal life. If you are unable to lead change in your personal life, how can you expect other people on this planet to be interested in a climate-friendly life on Earth? Do not wait for other countries or even your own country to take action in terms of climate change. Political decisions are often too slow. Before politicians are capable of changing laws, our planet has already been destroyed.


  1. Innovate


  1. Recycle


  1. Consume less, and with more reason.


  1. Eat less, and with more reason.


  1. Decrease meat consumption. Become a vegetarian. Become a vegan.


  1. Decrease your usage of personal cars. Bike more. It is useful for your health as well.


  1. Stop using a car at all, if possible. Use public transportation or a bike. Walk as much as you can.


  1. Buy forest and invest it wisely. Plant trees.


  1. Buy sustainable products. Reuse and repair old clothes and products. Do not buy new things just for the sake of buying.


  1. Reduce your home temperature moderately. Even one degree makes a huge difference in terms of energy consumption.


  1. Sell service and expertise instead of useless products. Our world is already full of useless products and services that no one actually needs.


  1. Protect the climate and the environment in many ways, through smart decisions.


  1. Understand that you alone cannot change or save this world.


  1. What would you add here?


The word is free:




Looking forward to reading your comments!

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