Collapsing Ecosystems


A few days ago, I spent two hours talking to a 78-year-old Lady & her husband (80+) at their Summer cottage. Both of them hardly had any wrinkles. She said, they spend all Summer in nature. In Winter, she goes ice swimming regularly and she uses FINNISH HONEY every single day, both applied on her skin & inwards.

We also spoke about CLIMATE CHANGE. She said, recently you can no more find FINNISH HONEY in the stores. There are no bees. Even their cottage neighbor, who keeps bees, has lost them! This is not only a Finnish problem. It is a GLOBAL problem.

Bees, and other insects important to our global environmental ecosystems, are disappearing. If not already, please do hear the alarm bells. If we humans cause extinction of species important to our global ecosystem, we will ultimately destroy ourselves. It has long been urgent to rethink our ways of living and consuming. If not already, do take action in your personal AND professional life.



Missing bees: The Mysterious Case of Colony Collapse Disorder