Empowering Women Worldwide

Each year on March 8th, International Women´s Day is being celebrated worldwide. Some men have asked, why women must be celebrated? Why do men have no International Men´s Day? Should we rather ask why we actually need an International Day for Women?
The purpose of International Women´s Day is to remind us all of the fact that we are yet far from having reached gender equality. Women across the world must get their voices heard. Due to many different reasons, including culture, tradition, legislature etc., many countries/societies across our globe prevent women from having the same opportunities in life as men.
What we all must understand is that empowering women through women´s birthright, Universal Human Rights, that apply to both genders, we contribute to developing a sustainable global economy, where all human beings have equal access e.g. to education and to workforce (and, a profession of their choice/level of education, knowledge and skills), narrowing down gender gaps and transforming societies to become less gender oriented.
According to research and statistics, girls and women that have equal access to primary, to secondary, and even to higher education give birth to fewer children. Not that children would be unwanted in our world, but when girls and women are economically empowered through education and through an unlimited access to the global job market/have the possibility of practicing their learned profession/becoming entrepreneurs, it has multiple beneficial effects upon societies, including better health for both women and children, and less poverty. In our overpopulated world with too many children suffering from hunger, malnutrition and poverty, it is important for parents to have the opportunity of raising healthy children which ultimately will lead to healthier economies and societies.
By giving girls and women equal opportunities and allowing females to access their basic human rights, economies and societies worldwide empower and help women to be capable of taking care of, not only their own futures, but the futures of their children equally.
What can you do as a man to help and to support an equal economy? There are countless ways of empowering girls and women, starting within the close family system/relatives/your community. Learn more about the worldwide facts regarding gender equality. Integrate gender equality into your daily life at home, at work, in your community. Understand that empowering girls and women will benefit men as well, when responsibilities are distributed equally within homes, and in working environments.
What can you do as a girl/as a woman? There is no simple response to this question, since the state of equality between genders varies from country to country. I could write, learn and be aware of your (human) rights as a girl/woman, but it is not that simple taking into consideration that currently not every girl/woman is aware of their Universal Human Rights. How can you empower yourself to take action for improving your life as a girl/woman if you are unaware of your basic human rights? However, those girls and women who are aware of their basic human rights should claim access to those fearlessly, empower themselves and other women to become active citizens of the world to make their voices heard and contribute to an increasingly much democratic world where both men and women can live up to their full potential as equal human beings.

Happy International Women´s Day! 

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365 Days a Year Dedicated for Women Globally

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365 Days a Year Dedicated for Women Globally

365 Days a Year Dedicated for Women Globally

"Young Couple Holding Globe Together". Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 100103672
“Young Couple Holding Globe Together”. Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 100103672

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” (Hillary Clinton)

Although officially celebrated by the United Nations on March 8th each year since 1977, the history of International Women´s Day dates back to the early 20th Century. In New York, The United States, women workers from the garment industry started protesting against working conditions, led by The Socialist Party of America.

Well-known for strong-minded women, Finland was one of the first countries in the world to follow the footsteps of Socialist International, the movement that came to establish the International Women´s Day in Copenhagen in 1910.

The real purpose of the International Women´s Day is the promotion of women to have equal human rights across the globe with men in an effort to achieve sustainable development, peace, and security. Empowering women worldwide is essential both for women and men in order to overcome social, economic, and political challenges being obstacles on our common path towards a world where every citizen has equal human rights. Until these goals have been achieved, both men and women should make each day of the year The International Women´s Day.

Although Finland is one of the most equal states worldwide in terms of gender equality, even this country of a thousand lakes (well, in fact we have almost 188.000 lakes) needs improvement in many areas, especially when it comes to abolishing (domestic) violence. Surprisingly enough, Finland as one of the most equal states in the whole world is reported to have the 2nd most domestic violence in the whole EU, with 47 % of all women of age 15 or above having experienced physical or sexual violence in some form.

Nevertheless, and apart from (domestic) violence, Finland is one of the safest and most equal countries in the world for women to work, and to live. In comparison with most other countries, women do officially have exactly the same human rights as men, including the right to own land – a major obstacle for women to progress economically, and socially, in many countries worldwide.

The most important reasons for both men and women to support the initiative to achieve gender equality worldwide:

– Abolishing poverty: The majority of poor people worldwide are women, due to various reasons such as women being hindered from participating in workforce, low wages, not having equal rights with men e.g. in terms of owning land (although women do most of the agricultural work worldwide).

– Empowering women and strengthening women´s position across the globe reduces severe economic and societal problems. The empowerment of women simultaneously leads to the empowerment of children, and men. Women are as important as men in societies, and by no means inferior.

“The Rise of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men”

Dedicated for MEN across the world especially –

A Movement is Building:

“All over the world, men are taking a stand for gender equality. See how many men in your country have committed. Join them and move your country into the lead”:


Click the link above and see how you as a MAN can support gender equality, and also watch this inspiring video where UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson encourages world and corporate leaders to take action for gender equality:



Thank you for supporting gender equality and thus creating sustainable development and reducing poverty across our globe.

Let us celebrate International Women´s Day 365 days a year until gender equality has been achieved.

"Jumping For Joy Outdoors". Artist: imagerymajestic/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 10068587.
“Jumping For Joy Outdoors”. Artist: imagerymajestic/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 10068587.