Who Cares About Yemen´s Starvation?

Every 10 minutes a child dies in Yemen due to malnutrition/no food/related diseases. Please try to remember this every time you feel like complaining about minor things.

There are millions of people in this world who would be grateful to have even a tiny slice of what you have, even if you are not rich.

If you have a roof over your head, food to eat every day, clean water, and clothes to wear you are wealthier than most people on this planet.

Please share to spread awareness.

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Für diejenigen, die weder Französisch noch Englisch verstehen: in Jemen stirbt alle 10 Minuten ein Kind vor Hunger. Versuch Dich immer daran zu erinnern, bevor Du Dich über etwas beschwerst. Es gibt Millionen von Menschen auf der Erde die glücklich wären, hätten sie nur ein wenig davon was Du hast. Ein Dach über den Kopf, etwas zu essen jeden Tag, sauberes Wasser zu trinken und etwas zum anziehen. Anne-Maria Yritys

Pedophilia And Rape Are Serious Human Rights Violations That Should Be Taken Seriously

Nothing personal against immigrants or refugees since I have myself been an immigrant many times during my life, and I know that many crimes are committed by locals in all countries, for instance what sociopath Breivik did in Oslo a few years ago. However, we have to understand that refugees from very different cultures may have serious problems with integration into another country´s culture, unless receiving enough support and instructions.

Moreover, if “imported” from war zones, including countries that exploit children as soldiers, such as Kongo, please remember that many of these people are most likely deeply traumatized. This does not signify that all of these people become murderers, rapists, or pedophiles, but I am deeply devastated when finding out that in the past two years, refugees from a number of countries have committed horrible crimes in Finland. In 2015, a refugee male assaulted, raped, and burned alive his young Finnish girlfriend because she had broken up with him a month earlier. She was only 17 years old. This year, another refugee assaulted and raped a 10-year-old girl in Finland.

Since sentences in Finland are ridiculously short for rapes and pedophilia, the man who assaulted and raped the 10-year-old was sentenced “only” for assaulting a minor (pedophilia) but not for rape! Apparently there was not enough evidence to prove that he had forced the 10-year-old girl to have sex with him. As if a 10-year-old could decide for herself if she wants to have sexual intercourse with an adult man, when she is still a child!

Now our country´s Minister of Justice questions whether rape sentences should be harder in Finland. F*CK YES they should be! Pedophiles and rapists should be sentenced to lifetime in prison. It is unacceptable that men think that they can rape children, girls and women and get away with it. In Finland, the average time in prison for a rapist is less than two years. Especially if it was the predator´s first rape, he gets away with a shorter sentence. As if raping someone for the first time would be a justification to shorten the sentence.

Pedophilia and rape are ILLEGAL in ALL COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE. These are violations against human rights, women´s rights and children´s rights. All countries should take action to change and to improve their legislation regarding pedophilia and rape.

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Why 21st Century Leadership is All About Equality

It does not matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always. (Oprah Winfrey)

Admit it. You are fed up with having to listen to, see, taste, feel, and in general, sense black and white perspectives and preconceptions about any external leadership attributes of leadership in the 21st century. Leadership, and the ability to affect, influence, persuade and be convincing is ultimately always about personality, not about any external attribute an individual may or may not possess. On the top of that, truly great leadership signifies having the ability to step above any external stress factors, setting these aside and purely focusing upon having a mission, and a purpose, to strive for in your leadership practices, regardless of your external attributes. Keep in mind, however, that no matter how equal, global, and increasingly much based upon justice our world is, there are still many improvements needed, any many global goals to be pursued in order to create a state of equal leadership in this 21st century.

Leadership success is not about the money you make. It is about the difference you make in people´s lives (Slightly modified quote from Michelle Obama)


To be an equal leader, and to enhance equal leadership in your environment, organization, and society, there are some significant steps you need to take, including:

Equal leadership is ultimately always about:

Respecting diversity, taking into consideration general human rights and the right to diversity regardless of any external attributes in an individual. Equality in leadership is always respectful, non-discriminatory, based upon objectivity and acceptance rather than placing value upon any other relevant attributes than the capability of an individual to successfully perform a duty, or a responsibility within a specific context.

Equal Leadership is also about

Taking the responsibility to develop an equal leadership approach and equal leadership practices within yourself, and therefore also in your environment, including in your society. Change is not always easy, as most people are more or less resistant to change. Nevertheless, even small changes in attitudes and behaviors ultimately lead to larger changes and even to giant leaps in development, be it in an individual, in people in general, and therefore also in societies. Understand that we are constantly developing and evolving as human beings, and that our personal choices and actions do have a significant impact upon other people, and societies in general. Therefore, never underestimate your personal capability of leading change in any circumstance. Your voice is important. And you can help people around you – after all, that is what leaders are for. Leaders are here to empower people, and to accelerate positive change not only in themselves, but also in individuals and in society surrounding them.

The highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others. Carly Fiorina

History is history. Equal leaders know how to respect history, but also how to embrace the NOW, and welcome the future.

It is not easy to change culture. Changing culture, and long-established patterns of attitudes, behavior, and life, is among the most difficult attributes and circumstances that can be changed, be it in an organization or in a whole society. Nevertheless, as there is no shortcut to how leadership can be transformed in an organizational setting, or in a society/in societies, we have to take the “hard” way, the practice that requires most of all, patience, and persistence. Respect history, embrace the moment, and the NOW, but remember your dreams, the dreams of people in your organization, in your environment/in your society, and be willing to work towards making those dreams a reality – not only for yourself, but for the sake of individuals and people around you, and of course, for humanity in general. Do not fear realizing your most beautiful dreams, because

The Future Belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Equal Leadership is also about:

Assuming less, asking more. Listening more than talking. Observing more than speaking. Being less subjective, and increasingly much objective. Respecting more, valuing more, caring more. Understanding more, and if not understanding, at least about trying to understand. Seeing things from the perspective of others rather than merely seeking to convince other individuals and about having the need to always be right. Equal leadership is also about respecting and valuing all diversity, without having the need to have the last word or ignore other human beings whether you think their opinion is right or wrong. Equal leadership is all about a respect for diversity, the modern approach towards creating a world economy where every single human being is treated equally regardless of their external attributes, socioeconomic background, or believes. A world where every individual has equal rights, and equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic background or any other external attribute.

An example of equal leadership in the 21st Century (although gender is not the only external attribute that should be reformed in regard with equal leadership):

How to avoid gender stereotypes: Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan at TEDxZurich

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, and for sharing. Thank you also for engaging in developing an equal global economy. Looking forward to your comments, and your thoughts about equality.


Why is Balanced Leadership More Important than Ever?

A well-balanced, inclusive approach, according to certain standards and ideals, is essential for the proper governance of any country (Laisenia Qarase) 

One of the core responsibilities for leaders of the 21st century is to create, and to develop organizations and societies where both femininity and masculinity are well-balanced. This is a responsibility for men and women equally. Women have to stand up for their rights as equal citizens and human beings regardless of, and forgetting about, what may have been true in history, and in the past. It is time to leave the past behind, and focus upon improving organizations and societies holistically by giving women equal opportunities in any cultural setting. Although a challenge for women themselves to stand up for their equal rights and for justice to be served in a currently male influence and power dominated world, also men have to support this development.

The Nordic countries, including Finland, are among the most equal countries in the world, where women have since long had equal rights with men, including the right to vote, the right to study and to practice a profession of their choice, the right to engage in activities such as riding a bicycle, something that is regarded as a taboo for women in certain countries. For a Nordic woman and for women in the developed world economies it is difficult to understand why riding a bicycle would be somehow unacceptable for the other gender. Why should this not be the case when the same human rights apply for every individual? Although the right for women to ride a bicycle is among the smallest of problems on our path towards gender equality and balanced leadership, it is among one of the most ridiculous taboos from a feminist perspective.

Leaders have to be trained and mentored to see things from a completely new perspective. Regardless of the equal status of both men and women e.g. in Finland, even in this what we like to call progressive state, women still do face, and have to deal with gender biases and discrimination due to gender. In the past years, developments have taken place to include a certain percentage of women into the decision-making boards of organizations. Some have criticized this, stating that leadership is not about gender, but rather about personality, suggesting that there need not be a legislation regarding board structures, or how organizations and countries are governed.

Of course these changes and structures are needed, and they are urgently needed throughout our globe because a) our world needs to be balanced, and balance can only be created and developed when all human beings are treated according to the Universal Human Rights Conventions, and not according to which gender they belong to; b) femininity and masculinity are part of every human being, and it is about time that leaders, and citizens in general, allow for both femininity and masculinity to thrive in a balanced way throughout our world.

In a balanced organization (society/world), working towards a common objective, there is success (Arthur Helps)

Why do leaders have to create, and to develop balance in the world?

To simplify the arguments for the response to this question, leaders (and people in general) could ask themselves the question: Why is a banana yellow? Or, why is sea water so salty? Why do we have roses in so many colors in this world? Why do we, as human beings, even see colors? When we have been given all the beauty that exists in our world, and in the Universe, should we ignore this beauty or give all colors equal opportunities, and equal rights to thrive in a Universe that was created not to satisfy the egos of some, but to serve as a home and place of well-being for all living, including flora and fauna.

Our world as a whole, including animals, nature and people, regardless of gender or other external attributes, deserves balance. Everyone deserves balance. Everyone deserves peace.

How can we achieve balance?

Balance is a way of being, and in order to create change, and develop ourselves and the world around us, we need to empty our minds and see things from a completely new perspective. Forget about old patterns and behaviors, and allow for ourselves and for other individuals to think in completely new ways. Balance has to be achieved inwardly so that it can be mirrored into the outside world, and create the changes that our world both deserves and needs.

The Business of Gender Balanced Leadership:

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and for unlearning certain behaviors and patterns that may not serve your personal growth and development as a leader and a globally aware, unbiased professional. Thank you also for developing qualities in yourself and in your environment that support the creation and development of balanced, equal, and non-discriminating leadership. 





365 Days a Year Dedicated for Women Globally

"Young Couple Holding Globe Together". Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 100103672
“Young Couple Holding Globe Together”. Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 100103672

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” (Hillary Clinton)

Although officially celebrated by the United Nations on March 8th each year since 1977, the history of International Women´s Day dates back to the early 20th Century. In New York, The United States, women workers from the garment industry started protesting against working conditions, led by The Socialist Party of America.

Well-known for strong-minded women, Finland was one of the first countries in the world to follow the footsteps of Socialist International, the movement that came to establish the International Women´s Day in Copenhagen in 1910.

The real purpose of the International Women´s Day is the promotion of women to have equal human rights across the globe with men in an effort to achieve sustainable development, peace, and security. Empowering women worldwide is essential both for women and men in order to overcome social, economic, and political challenges being obstacles on our common path towards a world where every citizen has equal human rights. Until these goals have been achieved, both men and women should make each day of the year The International Women´s Day.

Although Finland is one of the most equal states worldwide in terms of gender equality, even this country of a thousand lakes (well, in fact we have almost 188.000 lakes) needs improvement in many areas, especially when it comes to abolishing (domestic) violence. Surprisingly enough, Finland as one of the most equal states in the whole world is reported to have the 2nd most domestic violence in the whole EU, with 47 % of all women of age 15 or above having experienced physical or sexual violence in some form.

Nevertheless, and apart from (domestic) violence, Finland is one of the safest and most equal countries in the world for women to work, and to live. In comparison with most other countries, women do officially have exactly the same human rights as men, including the right to own land – a major obstacle for women to progress economically, and socially, in many countries worldwide.

The most important reasons for both men and women to support the initiative to achieve gender equality worldwide:

– Abolishing poverty: The majority of poor people worldwide are women, due to various reasons such as women being hindered from participating in workforce, low wages, not having equal rights with men e.g. in terms of owning land (although women do most of the agricultural work worldwide).

– Empowering women and strengthening women´s position across the globe reduces severe economic and societal problems. The empowerment of women simultaneously leads to the empowerment of children, and men. Women are as important as men in societies, and by no means inferior.

“The Rise of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men”

Dedicated for MEN across the world especially –

A Movement is Building:

“All over the world, men are taking a stand for gender equality. See how many men in your country have committed. Join them and move your country into the lead”:


Click the link above and see how you as a MAN can support gender equality, and also watch this inspiring video where UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson encourages world and corporate leaders to take action for gender equality:



Thank you for supporting gender equality and thus creating sustainable development and reducing poverty across our globe.

Let us celebrate International Women´s Day 365 days a year until gender equality has been achieved.

"Jumping For Joy Outdoors". Artist: imagerymajestic/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 10068587.
“Jumping For Joy Outdoors”. Artist: imagerymajestic/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID: 10068587.