Pedophilia And Rape Are Serious Human Rights Violations That Should Be Taken Seriously

Nothing personal against immigrants or refugees since I have myself been an immigrant many times during my life, and I know that many crimes are committed by locals in all countries, for instance what sociopath Breivik did in Oslo a few years ago. However, we have to understand that refugees from very different cultures may have serious problems with integration into another country´s culture, unless receiving enough support and instructions.

Moreover, if “imported” from war zones, including countries that exploit children as soldiers, such as Kongo, please remember that many of these people are most likely deeply traumatized. This does not signify that all of these people become murderers, rapists, or pedophiles, but I am deeply devastated when finding out that in the past two years, refugees from a number of countries have committed horrible crimes in Finland. In 2015, a refugee male assaulted, raped, and burned alive his young Finnish girlfriend because she had broken up with him a month earlier. She was only 17 years old. This year, another refugee assaulted and raped a 10-year-old girl in Finland.

Since sentences in Finland are ridiculously short for rapes and pedophilia, the man who assaulted and raped the 10-year-old was sentenced “only” for assaulting a minor (pedophilia) but not for rape! Apparently there was not enough evidence to prove that he had forced the 10-year-old girl to have sex with him. As if a 10-year-old could decide for herself if she wants to have sexual intercourse with an adult man, when she is still a child!

Now our country´s Minister of Justice questions whether rape sentences should be harder in Finland. F*CK YES they should be! Pedophiles and rapists should be sentenced to lifetime in prison. It is unacceptable that men think that they can rape children, girls and women and get away with it. In Finland, the average time in prison for a rapist is less than two years. Especially if it was the predator´s first rape, he gets away with a shorter sentence. As if raping someone for the first time would be a justification to shorten the sentence.

Pedophilia and rape are ILLEGAL in ALL COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE. These are violations against human rights, women´s rights and children´s rights. All countries should take action to change and to improve their legislation regarding pedophilia and rape.

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