If We Don´t Take Care of Nature, Nature Will Take Care of Us

Dead trees in a forest in Tampere, Finland. Photo: Anne-Maria Yritys 2017. All rights reserved.


According to The Finnish Forest Association  , the state of Finland owns around 26% of all the forests in Finland while private persons own the rest. As a forest owner in Finland you basically have the obligation to take care of the forest you own. As an individual, whether living in Finland or visiting the country as a tourist, you have the right to walk around in any forest in Finland which I currently do almost daily. On my walks I see lots of dead forest/trees that seem neglected. 

Someone asked me why something like this happens to trees. To be honest, I do not know the answer. What I know for a fact (and personally see) is that garbage is being dumped in our forests. Every time I walk around/hike, I collect some trash thrown into our nature but I cannot clean up every piece of dirt/trash that is being thrown into nature.


I see all kinds of garbage being dumped into nature, and into our forests, including hazardous waste, such as motor oil. Some of the findings include plastic bottles/other plastic, aluminium cans/other metal objects, glass bottles, old chairs, even mattresses and old tires. It is a horrible sight!
If there is one book I recommend for you to read this year is the non-fiction thriller “Gomorra”, written by Italian journalist Roberto Saviano. It is a true story about how Saviano himself got infiltrated into the Italian mafia in Southern Italy, and his observations over several years. Not only does this non-fiction include quite horrible details about how the mafia operates around the world, but also how they have monopolized the recycling and waste industry in Italy, and how they have dumped poisonous materials/waste into the environment. 
Anne-Maria Yritys 2017. All rights reserved.

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