Why is The Gulf Stream About to Halt?

Arctic (9)

The Gulf Stream is a strong current in the Atlantic ocean, starting in the Gulf of Mexico and leading all the way to Northern Europe, affecting the climate and weather conditions, and bringing for example warmer weather to Northern Europe by affecting the region´s atmosphere. Learn more about the Gulf Stream e.g. at LiveScience.

When greenhouse gases warm our oceans, this affects everything in our marine ecosystem. While the melting Arctic region, including glaciers and the Arctic Sea in general becoming ice free (with a current prognosis during summer months each year), affects the world´s climate by warming it, changes in the Gulf Stream could lead to a collapse in temperatures in Europe. According to some studies, at least parts of Europe could, instead of warming, become freezing cold, if and when the Gulf Stream halts and stops bringing warm weather to Europe.

While some speak about global warming, the correct term is in fact climate change. Even more precisely, anthropogenic climate change, something caused upon our planet solely and purely by us human beings and our many environmentally damaging activities, including the burning of fossil fuels and releasing ever more greenhouse gases into our planet´s fragile atmosphere. Is our planet warming or freezing? What ever is taking place, these changes in our climate(s) around the world are quite significant.

Learn more about the Gulf Stream through Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell´s “The Gulf Stream Explained”:


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