Arctic Fisheries About to Disappear

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Why are Arctic fisheries under threat and about to disappear? Or, should we rather ask, why are so many arctic (marine) species under threat? The likelihood of Arctic fisheries disappearing increases when fishing is no longer possible and/or profitable. When the Arctic marine environment changes due to climate warming, a vast majority of Arctic marine species, including fish and algae, are severely threatened. Over-fishing is a problem in itself, but to thrive and to survive, all living beings in the Arctic waters need ideal conditions, including water temperature. When the ocean conditions change and become damaged through various human-caused activities, this naturally has an impact upon all life under water.

Human-caused threats to fishing and marine life in the Arctic region include climate change and warming overall, causing the natural environment of these species to change so drastically that some of them may complete lose their habitat. Other species may migrate due to climate change. There are already examples of this, e.g. tuna fish migrating further into the west in the Atlantic ocean, away from the eastern coastline in the United States. Ocean acidification, the increase of acidity disrupting our ocean´s natural pH level, is another major problem for all marine life. How will the release of additional greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, affect life underwater in the Arctic? Taken into consideration that these gases are harmful to all life upon Earth, the must pose major risks and lead to severe consequences in the sea/ocean ecosystem.

Greenpeace, WWF, ScienceDaily and Barents Observer are among useful organizations for learning more about climate change and its effects upon our environment, flora and fauna.

Learn more about the threats to marine life and fishing in the Arctic region through Free Documentary´s “Ice Race – Exploitation – THE END of Fishing?” (Full Documentary):


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