What Makes Someone A Climate Change Skeptic?

As a reminder to all climate change skeptics:


Please keep in mind that when discussing climate change today, we refer to anthropogenic climate change for instance through a number of different emissions, much of which end up in our water bodies around the world increasing water acidity, into our forests that are important sources of absorbing emissions and toxins, and everywhere else in our environment. At least nine million people worldwide die each year due to environmental toxins.


Moreover, wastewater management worldwide is at a very poor level. Most of all wastewater worldwide ends up back in nature without any kind of treatment. Wastewater treatment in a country like Finland is a worldwide exception.


All water bodies worldwide becoming toxic or drying out are examples of how human beings destroy the global environment in addition to the fact that all toxins and emissions are destroying our home planet and causing climate change. Do you want to eat food that has been intoxicated or grown on sick soils?


These are just a couple of examples of how the behavior and inconsideration of human beings causes climate change and the average temperature of planet Earth to rise to an unbearable level.


If you need/want further examples, please get in touch with me.


I witnessed personally how whole water bodies dried out this summer, left with no water at all after the dry period. Finland will not be spared from climate change any more or less than any other country. Despite our many lakes and fresh water bodies, freshwater scarcity is already a reality which will affect all citizens worldwide. No one on this planet will be spared.


The time to act is now. We have no other option than to take better care of our water bodies and our environment, both in Finland and elsewhere in the world.


Observing and noting environmental problems is of course difficult if one is completely estranged from nature and used to living in an urban jungle without ever having seen a blue sky or a green forest during one’s lifetime.


Or, if one is so used to a polluted environment; how can one distinguish between a healthy and sick environment? Majority of human beings seem to belong to the latter group; with an inability to distinguish between what is healthy and what is sick. It is a skill that has to be practiced. Furthermore, environmental toxins are invisible to the human eye.


It is worthwhile to become familiar with nature and the environment, which is our natural living space and reflect deeply upon what is currently taking place in our surrounding world




Looking forward to reading your comments!

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