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The Future Belongs to Those Who Create it

With a rapidly growing world population and an extensive exploitation of Mother Earth ́s natural resources it is not to wonder that we are facing a global environmental crisis.


What else is to be expected when (rain) forests are being cut down at the current rate? Much of our world’s land area being turned into buildings, skyscrapers or poorly managed farming land.


In less than one century, man has managed to destroy most of this planet in what may deceive many human eyes by its architectural extravagance, or go unseen by most of humanity by the amount of garbage and poisons thrown vastly into the environment, including our oceans, around the world.


For the future belongs to those who create it; so humanity can only blame itself for the upcoming environmental disaster and catastrophe.


Those who created this contemporary industrialized world where our global environment is the currency, are old enough not to have to personally face or live the destruction of our planet.


Younger generations, and human children yet unborn, are those who will have to deal with the consequences of all the evil that mankind has done to our planet within the past 100 years alone.


The only way to really make a difference is to change from within; to change your personal behavior and consumption habits.


When you change yourself, society must follow. Businesses must follow. Legislation must follow. There is no other way than radical change among all of humanity. Otherwise, we will all soon be lost.


“Wherever you go, you will always leave a footprint”.


Do you know how your personal/business lifestyle affects the environment?


If not, find out by using a carbon footprint calculator. You can find one with an Internet search, for instance at WWF (World Wildlife Fund).


Moreover, you can calculate your personal/business fresh water consumption. Check out for instance The Friends of The Earth (water footprint calculator).


Anne-Maria Yritys 7.5.2019



Do You Need a Climate and Environmental Diet?

You can find plenty of information on the Internet about how to reduce your personal climate and environmental impact.
No one is perfect, but if each and one of us takes responsibility and considers how s/he can make better choices both economically and ecologically we can all influence things on a broad scale. Many environmentally and climate-change friendly choices can also have a beneficial impact on your personal health.
Carbonfootprint.com is one alternative to calculate your personal carbon footprint, and learn more about environmental consciousness:
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Kukaan meistä ei ole täydellinen, mutta jokaisen kantaessa kortensa kekoon ja pohtien omalla kohdallaan kuinka voisi tehdä järkevämpiä päätöksiä niin taloudellisesti kuin ekologisesti voimme vaikuttaa asioihin suurestikin. Monilla ympäristön ja ilmaston kannalta tärkeistä valinnoista voi myös olla suotuisia vaikutuksia omaan terveyteesi.
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