Marketing Your Business on Social Media

How to Differentiate Your Brand Online?

Marketing Your Business on Social Media
Marketing Your Business on Social Media

When you are branding and marketing your business online, on social media, and through specific networks such as Twitter Inc., Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram etc., you will want to offer your potential customers something of real value. One of the perhaps most important questions to ask yourself when branding and marketing your business online is, how do you differentiate from others? What makes your business so special, unique and valuable that customers would want to buy from you, not only once, but hopefully become loyal clients who buy from your company on a regular basis, and who even become your brand ambassadors, people who love your brand so much that they are in fact more than willing to share your brand story with others.

There are several possible ways of differentiation. These are also called the 7P´s or the marketing mix: PRODUCT, PLACE, PRICE, PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, PROMOTION, PEOPLE, and, PROCESS. Which one of these do you think is the most important, and why?

If you are an engineer, you will perhaps say that the product is the most important. To some extent, this may be the case. Yet, you can have the best product(s) available on the entire market, but if you fail doing anything else but creating products, it will not get you very far in your efforts to actually make a single sale. Your business will have to promote the products/services. And, find a place and a physical environment to do so.

With online business transactions booming and growing year by year, what would be a better place to promote your products and services than online? If you want your slice of the huge cake, start planning and executing your online marketing strategy now. You will need not only a business website to promote your brand, but also a presence in at least some carefully chosen social media sites, including Twitter Inc., LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You will also have to learn how to approach people who will become your customers, or create an inbound marketing strategy that will pull the right people to your brand. All of this requires for your business to implement the right process, and to the right prices.

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Online Navigation and Creating an Online Strategy

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time”.

(George Bernard Shaw)

As an avid user of online services and of certain social media sites I have learned a few things about online navigation. 

I have written a few times about how to save precious time and energy, and how not to get stuck within the online world. Believe me, I am writing from experience, and learning from it, every single day. 

Let´s get straight to the point, just to save your time and energy: 

Create yourself/your brand/your firm a clear social media/online strategy. This includes at least a definition and response to the following questions: 

– Who am I representing? Am I representing myself? How am I representing myself? As an entrepreneur, or as an employee? Or am I representing a brand/company/startup? 

– What am I representing? Am I representing myself, and my services? Or am I representing someone else´s service/s and/or product/s?

– Which social media sites will I use, and why? It is very important to choose the correct media in order to save time and money. You won´t want to waste time, money, or energy on sites that are useless to you. One option is of course to create your own social media platform, and as I have noticed, new social media platforms are being created every day, in almost every single corner of the world.

– How much time/effort am I willing to spend for these social media sites? How much time can I afford to spend online?

– Do I need to do everything on my own, or will I hire someone (a social media company or an entrepreneur) to do it for me/for my company?

– What is my target market/customer segment? Why? 

– What is the best way to approach the target segment/the target customer? 

– What are my core competencies? How do I differentiate myself/my firm from others? 

– How do I measure the efficiency of my/my company´s online presence? Do I/the company need to invest time/money in some other kind of advertising, or is digital presence enough?

This is an insight into the online world, where new jobs, trends, sites, and markets are constantly emerging. It can be somewhat overwhelming, which is another reason for organizing yourself online, defining the amount of time you are willing to spend online, and the most important: being selective regarding your online presence. 

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”.

(Winston Churchill)