How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018

Why are you online, on social media? To “socialize” with friends and family? Or, to make new friends? If you are an entrepreneur and a business-owner, your main reason for being present on social media is for your business to be found online, right? And, not only to be found, but to be found for the right reasons, and by the right people! In order to be found for the right reasons and by the right people online, your online presence must focus upon the right activities. Here are a few tips for being found online, and to drive more traffic to your website:

  1. Create a website. For many business owners, your website will be the number 1. place where you interact with your online customers. Unless, of course, you are trading directly on some other platform, such as Amazon. Nevertheless, a business website is a great way of letting your customers know what your business is doing, and what kinds of goods/services it is offering.
  2. Create quality content. What is quality content? Quality content can be defined as content that not only satisfies your website visitors/potential customers, but that is also helpful to them. The worldwide web is today a huge marketplace: customers love brands and businesses that make a difference by educating, helping, and inspiring their customers. Not only is quality content essential, but also the capability of…
  3. Driving (the right kind of) traffic to your website. Marketing is at the core of any business´ success. You can have the best content in the world, but if no one finds your business, you will soon be out of business!

So, how can you drive more traffic to your website? First of all, ask yourself these questions: WHY do you want more traffic to my website? WHAT are you offering to your (potential) clients? HOW will you do this? WHERE is the traffic coming from? HOW do you drive the traffic to your website?

WHY do you want more traffic to your website? Well, very few bloggers/business owners live from traffic only! Nevertheless, creating your website on WordPress, which is one of the most visited and used websites by businesses worldwide, is simple. You can do it for free, or choose between different, affordable plans. With a professional or business plan on WordPress, you can apply for WordPress WordAds which lets you monetize your website easily. WordAds is an ad program managed 100% by WordPress, which lets you focus upon what is essential instead of finding advertisers by yourself. However, if you are a leading expert in a specific field, you may have advertisers/sponsors that are willing to work with you directly.

WHAT are you offering to your website visitors and (potential) clients? What makes you special, and stand out from others? Very often, your idea does not have to be, or will not even be, much different from competitors. You just have to be YOU: unique, and focusing upon your expertise. With the information overload on the Internet today, the better you can differentiate, the more likely you are going to succeed with your online business. Remember: not everyone is your customer. Make sure to focus upon what is essential, and try to find your segment, and your market. There is plenty of market out there: billions of people use the Internet every day. What and to whom are you offering that makes a difference? Focus upon your strengths, and your expertise.

HOW do you drive traffic to your website, and what is the main source of your traffic? There are many ways of driving traffic to your website. Learn how to use these, or, hire someone to help you with it. You can use a number of social media channels and integrate these into your website on WordPress, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+. If you are a Vlogger, make sure to integrate your videos to your WordPress website, and then also share them on other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For instance Twitter is a great way of driving traffic to your website through link-building. Other ways include Google AdWords and PPC marketing: just make sure to learn the techniques, or find a professional who knows how to optimize your web traffic through paid search engine marketing!

FINALLY: Affiliate marketing, or relationship marketing. If an when you have the necessary contacts or the courage to find the necessary contacts, you can benefit from relationship marketing: the best way to succeed is most often helping others to succeed! Online relationship marketing can be done for instance by co-operating with professionals who have common/shared interests with your business (goals). Cooperating with others, for instance through guest-blogging and sharing other professionals´ content in an equal give-and-take relationship, you can build an (online) business based upon relationships. For many (small) entrepreneurs, this is definitely the most efficient way, especially if and when you are outgoing and a people-oriented person. If not, why not try affiliate marketing? This is something you can do both as an extrovert, and an introvert. You can benefit from affiliate marketing by either promoting your own products, or the products/services of others (in case you do not yet have your own products).

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Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018

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  1. Of course! Keep putting in those hours… Have you looked into reciprocal links for traffic? JohnChow has a new guest post how-to that hooked me and I kept going back, ha!
    Great strategy, takes time like any good method…


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