Be careful who you send your resume to!


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I recently received an e-mail from a New York-based executive search firm with a note that they received my details by an outside talent source firm, stating that they are looking to fill C-level positions for one of their client´s recent acquisitions, and if I possibly would be interested in learning more. 

Since the e-mail was sent to one of my many e-mail addresses, and not my primary e-mail, it took me a week before I even noticed it. Instead of sending them my resume and based upon my earlier experiences, I sent a response by e-mail asking them if they could give me details about the talent sourcing firm that had referred me, who their client is, and where these roles would geographically be located. Within only a few hours they got back to me, per e-mail, stating that they cannot give any details about their client until a non disclosure agreement has been signed.
As a response, I sent them the links to my website, my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles with a brief note that they can find my resume there. I have grown aware of recruiting firms and headhunters collecting people´s CV´s and resumes, many of whom lack the effort of doing their job well, i.e. fail in ever getting back to their customer/s. Be really careful/selective about who you send your CV/resume/other personal data to, since many recruitment firms seem only to be interested in gathering people´s personal data rather than actually having a purpose of really filling out a position. Which is why I am, these days, extremely selective about sending out my CV/resume to anyone, if at all!
I know loads of professionals in the headhunting/recruitment industry and have inside information. With the professional networks that I have online, I could even start my own headhunting/recruiting firm but quite honestly, I have seen too much in order to be willing to do so.
In Finland, most jobs get filled either through sourcing internal candidates or by other means, rather than through online/offline announcements. Most of the work announcements online and offline have mainly a purpose of serving the recruitment firm as an advertisement. In Finland, the vast majority of all roles are filled in other ways than sourcing candidates through job announcements. In Finland there is also a legislation that says that recruitment firms cannot keep applicants data for no more than six months in their data bank, but who checks this?
Moreover, referring to the New York-based executive search firm that approached me, I have gathered many experiences in dealing with professionals from around the world, including New York. Many of those that I have dealt with from New York seem to use an elbow tactic, so if you ever deal with them in business, make sure that THEY first deliver their part of the possible deal, before doing anything for them.
Further on, in 2015, I was contacted by a NY based recruitment industry startup on LinkedIn. They basically had an expectation of me to a) make PR for them for free b) find a way of transferring my LinkedIn data (the professional details of 30.000 individuals) to their database, sending me a non disclosure contract trying to offer me WARRANTS as a payment. I was smart enough to consult an international lawyer at that stage. Shortly after having installed their software on my computer, it broke down. I still have no idea why, but I suspect it happened due to their software. I never found out, just brought my broken laptop to recycling and bought a new one. I also blocked these people from my personal online networks. Whether they installed a virus/malware through their software on my computer is still unclear to me.
Be really careful about what you do online, and who you trust. It is not paranoia to use common sense in business. I have personally learned some very valuable lessons through my online business activities.
Anne-Maria Yritys 2017. All rights reserved.

LinkedIn – online mötesplats för kreativa & progressiva professionella


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Oavsett om vi tycket om det eller inte, har de sociala medierna, inklusive LinkedIn, kommit hit för att stanna. Grundat i 2003, är LinkedIn med sina fler än 400 miljoner användare i dag det största och mest beredda professionella nätverket i hela världen. Det som skiljer LinkedIn från sina konkurrenter, t.ex. Xing och Viadeo, är faktumet att LinkedIn används överallt, i nästan varje land och i varenda marknad runt om jorden.

Vad för nytta har vi som användare av LinkedIn? LinkedIn erbjuder sina användare mycket mer än professionellt nätverkande online. Det professionella nätverket har blivit en mötesplats för arbetssökande och arbetsgivare, men är också en plattform som erbjuder t.ex. små företagare olika slags möjligheter, inklusive online-annonsering och marknadsföring på kreativa vis.

Om du som arbetssökande, arbetsgivare eller småföretagare vill veta mer om hur du kan optimera dina aktiviteter på LinkedIn, vänligen kontakta mig via LinkedIn och boka ett online-möte.



How To Create a Following on LinkedIn?

The Best Leaders Are the Best Followers

LinkedIn, as the world´s most expansive, and largest online professional network, has currently a limitation for its professional users: Any professional can currently reach a maximum direct, 1st contact level of 30.000 professionals. How do I know this? Well, I do know this because I spent an X amount of hours expanding, and growing my personal network through a number of means, until I reached the limit of 30.000 direct, 1st level contacts on LinkedIn. Back then, in 2013, having 30.000 contacts was not yet so common globally – some individuals, from a variety of industries (mainly HR/headhunting/recruiting), had made the efforts and actually achieved their goal to reach the maximum potential of direct LinkedIn contacts. Today, the number of professionals globally with a 30K LinkedIn contact network is no longer rare, but what does it actually take to 1) build such a large network on LinkedIn and 2) what are the benefits?

Building a large network on LinkedIn, and reaching the current maximum amount of 30.000 contacts on this professional site, and the benefits from a large LinkedIn network:  

Requires a lot of dedication to online networking, together with hard work.

A huge professional network alone is no guarantee for business, or for professional success. Yet, the advantages are far more important than the disadvantages, with one of the advantages being that you in fact always are six degrees from separation to any professional/individual in the world. The larger your LinkedIn network, the easier it is for you to get in touch with people who do matter. But, after all, EVERY single individual in your network does matter, regardless of their current professional role, situation, or title. Always remember to treat people fairly, and with respect.

– LinkedIn has become like a huge, global “phone book”, making it easy for people to get in touch with, and reach professionals, that used to be out of their reach (thanks to a number of reasons).

Despite of its shallow aspects in terms of growing large networks, and the lack of “real” F2F communication, LinkedIn has so much to offer for its active users. A large network alone is no guarantee for increased business, entrepreneurial, or job seeking and finding success, but yet a targeted activity for any business/non-profit professional can bring much value to those who in fact do take the time and effort to invest in the correct activities, depending upon the goals. For a personal/business consultation upon these, always feel free to get in touch with me.

–  Official LinkedIn Influencers are leaders, business owners, and experts in their field of industry around our globe who have been officially selected and contacted by LinkedIn, and who have accepted the request from LinkedIn to become an official Influencer. At the time being, it is not possible to send LinkedIn an application to request becoming an official Influencer on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn determines that you are a suitable candidate for such a “position”, they will most certainly contact you. As a LinkedIn Influencer, you must fulfill their criteria for the “nomination”.

– Publishing on LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn now has enabled public publishing for every user, the amount of published posts (and, active writers) has grown rapidly, giving business professionals around the world an additional possibility of a) growing their professional network and b) growing their amount of following on LinkedIn. Every single post you publish on LinkedIn, either on behalf of your private business as an entrepreneur, or as an employee for an organization, is content marketing, enabling you to grow your audience in line with your business activity. Your posts getting featured on one of the official LinkedIn Pulse Channels is another way of growing your following because, individuals and professionals who do enjoy reading your posts, will most likely either send you a direct contact request or, click the follow button and start following you on LinkedIn.


Comment utiliser LinkedIn pour en profiter?

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LinkedIn, le plus grand réseau social professionel dans le monde, à reussi à toujours augmenter le nombre d´utilisateurs – au jourd´hui, plus que 400 million profiles existant sur LinkedIn. Malgré le fait qu´il ne soit pas toujours 100 % secure, les avantages sont plus nombreux que les disavantages, lorsque on sait comment communiquer dans un manière permettant ces avantages.

Voici quelques tips pour profiter de LinkedIn:

  • Si vous êtes en recherche de nouveau emploi, ou si vous cherchez un/e salarié, il faut toujours commencer par créer un profil professionel ou, pour votre entreprise, créer un page d´entreprise. Vous trouvez tous les instructions sur LinkedIn, avec les prix pour un site d´entreprise. Sélon les réglements de LinkedIn, c´est interdit de créer un site pour l´entreprise representant un profil privé (ces sont deux choses séparées). Il ne faut pas oublier que vos chances de trouver des nouvelles possibilités, soit de l´emploi, ou des clients, augmentent lorsque vous prenez du temps pour remplir votre/vos profil/site selon les récommendations, et les instructions.
  • Pour trouver des contacts utiles sur LinkedIn, n´hesitez pas d´être courageux par envoyant des invitations aux gens intéressants, particulièrement s´il s´âgit d´un individu interessant pour vos affaires, ou quelqu´un qui pourrait vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. La plupart des professionels sur LinkedIn sont prêt et heureux de pouvoir établir un réseau de contacts pour une nombre des raisons.
  • Profitez d´utiliser la possibilité de rejoindre les groupes des vos préferences sur LinkedIn. Ceux qui utilisent LinkedIn Basic (type de compte), peuvent rejoindre un maximum de 50 groupes. Avec un compte Premium, le nombre des groupes est encore plus haut. Dés que vous êtes très actif/ve sur LinkedIn, 50 groupes devrait suffire. En plus, vous pouvez créer vos propres groupes. Ici également important de suivre les instructions et les régles sur LinkedIn, et dans chaque groupe.

Merci pour avoir lu ce bref introduction sur comment profiter de LinkedIn en l´utilisant. Bonne chance avec vos activités sur LinkedIn. Je serais heureuse et contente pour vos comments de vos experiences sur LinkedIn, et comment vous en avez profité. Et quels sont les differences entre LinkedIn et Viadeo ?

Comment créer son profile LinkedIn en moins de 5 minutes par Jean Paul Lareng sur YouTube:



Excellent Arguments for Business Leaders to Invest in LinkedIn Networking

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Online Networking is a Phenomenon that really has just started to reach its stride (Ivan Misner) 

The reasons for online networking, networking on social media, and especially on the world´s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn, should by now be realized by every serious business professional, without the necessity for further argumentation or debate about why, or for what purposes. With more than 400 million professional users globally, LinkedIn is today the world´s leading communications, branding and online marketing platform for businesses and organizations in every possible industry. Regardless of business activity and industry, LinkedIn has plenty of possibilities to offer. Even Hillary Clinton, 2016 Presidential Candidate in the United States, has been selected as an official LinkedIn Influencer and uses LinkedIn as one of her personal branding, communication, and influencing channels in the presidential campaign.

Some of the core reasons why EVERY business professional, and business leader, should have a LinkedIn profile and invest time and effort into benefiting from the many possibilities LinkedIn does offer for its users:

  1. LinkedIn is the world´s largest, most widespread professional networking site. 

LinkedIn is by far the largest and most actively used network for professionals in all possible industries. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has grown and expanded rapidly in every corner of the world, having more than 400 million professionally qualified users as per today. The company went public in 2011, and is today traded on the New York stock exchange (LNKD).

  1. LinkedIn is the Number 1. Networking platform for creative knowledge workers and talent. 

Especially favored by online advertisers, online marketers, headhunters, recruiters, job-seekers, LinkedIn does in fact offer a number of benefits regardless of industry, or geographical location.

  1. LinkedIn has opened gateways and become a channel for finding new clients, business partners, and much more, in a number of creative ways. 

If not yet realized, you as a business professional and business leader should by now realize that LinkedIn, in fact, offers a vast amount of solutions that in fact do reduce costs, and the need of traveling for business. Where, and how else, could your business so easily find new potential customers in targeted markets and segments, if not on LinkedIn? Online networking, finding and generating new leads through existing and potential direct contacts, has in fact already replaced cold-calling. And, as a matter of fact, LinkedIn offers the possibility of getting in touch with people and professionals that would otherwise most probably be out of your (business) reach. With a vast global network, I have personal experience from this, and the fact that LinkedIn does reduce the amount of cold-calling that sales professionals have to do.

  1. LinkedIn Publishing enables everyone to become an Influencer

Publishing content, articles, posts, and thus influencing through your content marketing and management is today possible for every LinkedIn user. To learn more about publishing content on LinkedIn, please feel free to either contact me personally for additional information, or, read LinkedIn´s instructions to learn more about how to publish articles on LinkedIn, and how to get your posts featured in one of LinkedIn´s official channels. Highly recommended feature for every business professional, even for job-seekers, or simply for businesses and organizations that wish to use LinkedIn as one of their preferred channels for online content marketing, lead generation, and (free-of-charge) advertising for their business. It is not even necessary to upgrade in order to publish on LinkedIn, and you can use the same content for your blog(s), and for your business´s/organization´s official website. And, there is no need to publish in English if your target market is elsewhere. LinkedIn supports a number of languages, and in addition to the supported languages, you have the option of choosing which language you would like to publish content in. Très simple & très effectif!

  1.  LinkedIn groups.  

LinkedIn offers its basic members to join a maximum amount of 50 groups, and if you are a premium user, the amount of groups you can join is even higher. And, you can create your own groups! In case you have a business, or quite simply if you are a job-seeker, you can create (a) personal group(s) that are aligned with your professional activities, and interests. As an example, I have personally created two groups on LinkedIn: Around Online Media in 180 Days, and Leading With Passion. How to recruit members to your groups is another topic, too broad to be discussed in this post.

LinkedIn´s Vision for the next 10 years: