How to Brand Your Business Online?

Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018

Before branding yourself/your business online, including Twitter Inc., make sure to understand what branding signifies. What is a brand? Is it a logo? Is it a business card with your name and your logo printed on it?

A BRAND is a personal and/or business image with certain values. It is definitely NOT only the visible logo of your business, or the printed text on your business card. Being a brand is recognizing your core values, and actually living and communicating those values to your clients. Without any core values, a business or activity cannot exist. A brand with its values should clearly express your business morals and ethics and be at the core of your business strategy, communicating at all times the mission, vision, and purpose of your business. Before launching a new business, make sure to define your core values which will be your guiding principles around which you will build your business.

Successful branding requires for you/r business to:


  • Define clearly what you/r business values are/what you want to accomplish with you/r business activities
  • Communicate your brand to your clients in a captivating way
  • Believe in your brand image and its sustainability. If you do not believe in your brand, who else do you think will do so?
  • Why should anyone do business with YOU?
  • What makes you stand out from the rest?
  • The amount of effort and work you are ready and willing to invest in communicating and engaging your “audience”, i.e. existing clients, prospects, other stakeholders.
  • How adaptive is your brand to changes?



How transformable/adaptive to change you are:

In today´s world, the survival of a brand depends not only upon its ability to react to external changes, but also how well it mirrors the needs of consumers and their preferences.

A brand also has to have credibility and be capable of winning clients´ confidence in order to thrive and to move forward.

Instead of stagnating as a brand, focus upon providing your clients with quality work/products, great customer experience/service, caring about your clients, and engaging your clients in various ways. Ask your clients what they want, what they need, and be willing to deliver tailored solutions. Or, create demand for the services you offer.

Branding is essential for any individual, and business, regardless of size.

Branding is about communicating your/your business identity to your clients/potential clients.

Twitter Inc. is an excellent communications platform and branding tool, since:


  • You can rather easily reach and build an international/global community and find customers in your target market
  • Twitter is inexpensive! Most tools are free of charge, unless you want to turbo-charge your business growth e.g. through Twitter advertisements

Twitter branding/marketing is efficient, but you/r business must invest either TIME or MONEY (or, both) to ensure brand recognition on Twitter.

Unless you personally have the time (AND, patience!), consider hiring a professional/team of professionals/a social media marketing expert to take care of the work for you. Make sure that you know the terms and conditions of their service, and that you can rely upon the content they are sharing on your behalf. As a small business owner, you can also create and use your own content, and share it through a content management service such as SOCIAL JUKEBOX.

In essence, branding is you/r business, identity. What you and your business stand for, and how well you integrate your identity to all of your business practices/personal activities.

Think about some of the largest, most expensive and best known brands in the world. What are the secrets behind their success?

ALL successful brands have started from zero, and managed to brand themselves. If they can do it, so can you!

Every person/business has and is a unique brand. Not everyone aims to become the largest in their industry – it is a question about what you are willing to work towards, and to achieve.

Your brand identity could be about creating the most unforgettable, tailored travel experiences to your clients (e.g. a specialized travel agency, or a hotel). It could also be that your business is about helping your clients solve various business-related issues, e.g. regarding business expansion into new markets (market entry consultancy).

Your brand identity is defined by what you/your business is about, what your expertise is, and how passionate you are about the products/services you are offering your clients. And, how your services differ from those provided by others. Expertise, customer service, you name it!

Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018 (2).jpg


Twitter is a communications platform to express your brand identity, one of the online media sites where your business ought to be present.

Twitter gives your business a great opportunity to visualize, and communicate, your brand identity to the world, through being present, engaging and communicating with your clients/prospects online.

“Promote your STRENGTHS. Remind the world WHY you are special and why it is special to do business with you” (Mary Schnack)

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Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018


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