How To Market Your Business Online?

Marketing Your Business Online
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When marketing your business online/on social media, it does pay off to do your homework before engaging in/wasting your precious effort and time on useless activities. PLANNING before execution, as many digital/online marketing strategists would say. Unless, of course, you enjoy spending a lot of effort and time online just for the sake of commenting, engaging, sharing and learning. After all, we do learn best from our failures and mistakes, but actually taking the time to research how digital/online marketing actually works may save you from a lot of head ache and wasted time.

If your digital marketing efforts are not yielding any results or wants to improve its results, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your business doing online?
  2. What is your business selling?
  3. Where is your business offering its services?
  4. How can your business best reach its customers online?
  5. Which digital/social media channels does your business need to be present on to achieve optimal results?
  6. Who/what could help your business achieve its digital/online results, and improve these?
  7. How does your business measure its social media ROI?
  8. How will your business target its segment/s and find/be found by its (potential) customers online?
  9. What can your business learn from its mistakes?
  10. How can your business benchmark, i.e. learn from other businesses/share experiences?

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