Why Should Your Business Be on Twitter?

Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018

For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, Twitter Inc. is definitely one of the most important social media sites to create your brand presence. Why is that? Why not focus only on for instance Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube?

There is no other social media platform comparable with Twitter. Twitter has for years been among the top ten most visited websites worldwide. Regardless of its stagnation in terms of amount of users worldwide, Twitter is the easiest place to connect with brands, celebrities, businesses, and professionals of interest.

Not only can Twitter be used as a means of customer service, but also as a general external communications channel, a branding tool, a marketing tool, a pr tool: the amount of purposes Twitter can be utilized for is almost countless. Of course, be careful about sharing any sensitive business/other data on Twitter, unless you/r company has no secrets at all! After all, in today´s knowledge economy, managing information and sharing knowledge openly in networks/with different stakeholders can be a competitive advantage rather than a mere threat to your business.

Use Twitter as a part of your social media marketing strategy: integrate it into your website (on WordPress), from where you can automatically share posts to your various social media sites, including Twitter. If creating and posting videos on YouTube, you can also easily share these on Twitter to promote your ideas/content. Moreover, you can use Twitter to engage your audience and drive more online traffic to any website through the usage of backlinks.

Regardless of the amount of activity on your business Twitter account, make sure to be present and share what your business is about. Connect with your target audience, engage them, and make your Twitter timeline a unique place for them to visit by sharing relevant information/posts related to your business/industry.

If you found this post useful, please share it on your social media sites. Any comments and feedback is also more than welcome, regardless if you are not yet on Twitter, or if you are an experienced Twitter user. Thank you.

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If you personally are/your business is on social media, you simply cannot afford not being present on Twitter Inc., which has been among the top 10 most visited websites for years already. In fact, there is not one business in the world that could not benefit from being on social media!

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Twitter Branding & Marketing 2018


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